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The scam in patents, inventions & technologies


Our world today is suffering from the actions of all sorts of crooks, frauds and swindlers, they are not only in the field of banking and trade but also in the field of science and invention as our case with Mr. Marcel Bikbau, Russian citizen, who tried very hard to rewrite the technology of other real scientists who has been invented it many years ago and want to stool the fruit of the other brains and labor.

Mr. Marcel Bikbau, Russian Academician of Natural Sciences, Phd of Physical Sciences, General Director of JSC "Moscow IMET"

Yes he is Phd of physical. Sciences, but absolutely he is not Academician, his Academician diploma is virtual and not recognized in Russia.

Because this diploma is issued from  Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) which is NOT roconized by the Russian goverment or by official Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).

What is the (RANS)?

(RANS) is created by constituent congress August 31, 1990 in Moscow. Stamp image contains a portrait of the Russian and Soviet scientist VI Vernadsky.

Natural Sciences are the "creative scientific association of scientists and scholars in the humanities is designed to serve the development of science, education and culture."

Today the (RANS) organization consists of 24 central sections, more than 100 regional and thematic branches, research centers, united in eight blocks, operating in the relevant areas.

Members of the Academy of Natural Sciences is academician of the state academies of sciences - Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Medical Sciences.

(RANS) organization has NO any relation to the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), and criticized a number of academics and employees of the Academy of Sciences that some of (RANS) members are far from science and do not have the proper education and recognized scientific publications.

The IMET institute already long time not existing, the rest of building of institute all is leased to some trading companies, which is belong to other person. Mr. Marcel Bikbau have only 150 M2 of the all institute area.

They created website in Dubai:
The pictures of laboratory mentioned on they website, is not for this institute but was copied from internet !!!!  click on the web link or the on the picture bellow:  
Second picture was copied from this web:  

All the resultes of lab tests as even indicated on they web site, was done by Mr. Ikhlef Bualem the GM of RATON for Advanced Technologies, Co. in Dubai UAE.


Yudovich Boris Emmanuilovich

95% of Marcel Bikbau book and works it was copied and pasted from many already published works of others Russians scientists, and any one can read Russian language can make search by google and he will find that very easy and especially copied from the known Russian Scientists like:
Yudovich Boris Emmanuilovich or IODOVICH or UDOVICH and KHOZIN VADIM , They are named in Russia as the Fathers of the
cement industry researches and inventions of Russia and USSR time.

    This link of the web site of IMET company, page 37 to 54, shown that all the lab tests was done not by them but by Mr. Ikhlef Bualem the GM of the company RATON for Advanced Technologies, Co.

1- Picture of Mr. Yudovich Boris Emmanuilovich  


2- bellow the Picture of Mr.  Khozin Vadim G.,


Doctor of technical sciences, professor,  "Kazan State Architecture and Construction University Russia, Head of Department of "Technology of building materials, products and structures"

Institute: Building technology and engineering and environmental systems
Head of department: Technology of building materials, products and structures
Academic degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences
Academic title: professor
Number of published works: more than 500
Number of educational works: Defended their thesis under his supervision: 22 persons.

Additional information:

     Graduated from the Construction Engineering Department of Kazan Technological Institute of Civil Engineering in 1962, worked as a foreman in the Altai region in building trust, was the chief technologist of the plant cellular concrete in the Naberezhnye Chelny city, Russian Federation. He started as a graduate student to the head of the department. Head of the department of plastics in Russia, Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 1982. Since 1985 - Head of the Department of Technology of building materials, products and structures.

     Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation. Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation.

  • The author of 58 patents and more than 500 scientific publications.
  • Creator of the  scientific school on the structure and physico-chemical modification of polymers and mineral binders.
  • Prepared 22 candidates and 1 doctor of sciences. A member of dissertation councils for doctoral and master's theses.
  • Winner of awards at prestigious international exhibitions of inventions in Brussels (1991 -gold medal), Pittsburgh (1992 - diploma), Sofia (1996 - gold medal), the Philippines (1997 - diploma).
  • Supervisor of more than 21 master's thesis and doctoral dissertation. A member of dissertation councils for doctoral and master's theses.
  • Head of the test center "Tatstroytest" (at Kazan State University of Architecture and Construction. Russian Federation), accredited by the State Construction Committee of Russia.
Patent: RU № 2379240 of (Nano cement) or Cement of low water demand and its production method
Patent: RU № 2373163 of (Nano cement) or Cement of low water demand and the way of its production method
Some of ther vadim's Khozin patents:

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